Small Business Assistance Relief Grant

•These federal funds are intended to benefit low/mod income individuals and can be used to provide operating assistance to business owners for the purpose of assisting small businesses to continue operations and keep residents employed.

•Approximately $500,000 of funding will be allocated to this small business relief grant program.

•Grant awards of up to $10,000 will be awarded per eligible business, with five (5) FTE employees or less (one of which can be the owner).

Boxed Food
Restaurants Open for Takeout

  Many of East Orange’s varied restaurants have transformed their businesses to comply with state law allowing only pick-up or delivery. These other ‘first responders’ are offering soul, sandwiches, salads and more using new means to connect with their customers. Locate a local option for breakfast, lunch, or dinner here.

Restaurants Open for Takeout & Delivery
Store Front
Other Businesses

A number of East Orange businesses have taken their business online or are offering gift cards and certificates for future in-person services or shopping. See what you can purchase now to support a local business owner here.

Other Businesses