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Conversations on Urban Excellence

Spotlight on East Orange Business is your local business and community affairs program dedicated to highlighting the work of entrepreneurs, business owners and businesses that serve the residents of East Orange, NJ. Tune in every Tuesday with host Anna D. Banks, to hear whats going on in YOUR community!



Spotlight on East Orange Business interview  with Isaiah Lewis.


Four91 Design LLC

Spotlight on East Orange Business interview with Donelda Iyizoba-Robinson from Four91 Design LLC.

Quality Dental School of Technology, Inc

Spotlight on East Orange Business interview with Joyce Bryant of Quality Dental School of Technology, Inc., East Orange, NJ

Urban Farming

Interview with Shafiqah Sharif,

CEO of Pea Shoots & Co., one of the 6 Black-owned farms in New Jersey! The mission of Pea Shoots & Co is to bring awareness to the benefits of eating to live, by foods our hands can produce, our eyes can see and our souls can process.

Childcare and Learning Center

Spotlight on East Orange Business interviews Three Stages Childcare & Learning Center's

Dr. Lynda and Tommy Wright.

Thrive Leadership Institute

Guest host, Steven Cooper, interviews Coach Anna D. Banks of Thrive Leadership Institute o Spotlight on East Orange Business, Tuesday, August 3, 2021 on the topic: Reasons Why You Need a BusIness Coach.

American Dream?

American Dream or American Nightmare, interview with Mortgage Banker Steven Cooper. 

Hot Times, It's Summer in the City


Learn how you can refresh yourself, when "Spotlight on East Orange" interviews entrepreneur Anthony Lamonte Greene of Perfeq Mix Lemonade.

Celebrating Juneteenth

Interview with John Houston of Cushnie-Houston Funeral Home

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